Winners. Zwierciadło 10/2019
Illustration for Polish magazine Zwierciadło, issue 10/2019.
illustration about solidarity for Polish magazine Zwierciadło, 08/2019
illustration for Zwierciadło magazine/ 07/2019 about addictions
Teachers' authority
illustration for Hemispheres magazine.
Today at Apple
Set of 6 illustrations for App Store UK.
Smart home
illustration for Polish magazine "Salon" about smart home equipment.
Explaining the world
illustration for Polish magazine Zwierciadło, 06/2019
Mr. Unicorn
illustration for Wysokie Obcasy Extra, 05/2019 about the ways we lie in CV
Gratitude - Zwierciadło 4/2019
illustration fo Polish magazine Zwierciadło, issue 4/2019.
Forbes Women, No 1
Set of four illustrations for the 1st issue of Polish edition of "Forbes Women"
Cleaning the mind
Wysokie Obcasy Extra, 4/2019
Bauhaus 100
"Geometry of the color". Poster for 100th anniversary of Bauhaus for Label Magazine
Be happy
Illustration for "Zwierciadło" magazine, 4/2019
Wysokie Obcasy Extra 3/2019 - Money saving
Illustration for Wysokie Obcasy Extra 3/2019 about women taking care of home budget
"Po co nam empatia" (Why do we need empathy?). Zwierciadło 3/2019
Turn hate into love
Technical break
Personal project created for Procreate ArtPrize competition
2019/Paweł Jońca. Wall calendar.
2019 Wall Calendar with my best illustrations
independence of a working mother.
Illustration for Wysokie Obcasy Extra 12/2018 about women who combine work with childcare and household
Boo 2
Personal work
Personal work
"Niepodległość" (Independence). Pismo magazine 11/2018
cover illustration for Pismo magazine, 11/2018
private work
"Universities" - Znak magazine
cover illustration for ZNAK magazine
"Mobbing". Magazyn PANI
Info garbage. Zwierciadło 11/2018.
illustration for Zwierciadło magazine 11/2018 about challenges in times of information overload
"How playboy became a father"" for PLAYBOY Polska.
illustration for PLAYBOY magazine about modern fatherhood
Personal project
Zwierciad ło 06/2018. Mentoring.
Szkło Kontaktowe Live&Touch
Poster design. The popular television program on the Polish commercial TV channel - TVN24 will be launched live in the "6th floor" theater.
Zwierciadło 05/2018. Boredom.
illustration for Zwierciadło magazine about boredom
Find My Car
Illustration inspired by the work of the Polish designer Karol Śliwka.
Zwierciadło 04/2018. Idiots.
illustration for Zwierciadło magazine
European Union
illustration for Pismo magazine about European Union
Nature - Wave Therapy
illustration for Nature UK about studying brain waves
Scary movie
My first drawing on iPad Pro. Personal project
Pismo, 02/2018
cover illustration for Pismo magazine, 02/2018
Biedronka smakuje Świętami
Posters for Biedronka, leading supermarket chain in Poland
Royal Windsor Horse Show poster illustration
illustration for a poster
2018/Paweł Jońca. Wall calendar
2018 wall calendar
Lehigh Business - "The Fintech Disruption"
Lehigh Business - "The Fintech Disruption". Cover, page and spot illustrations
Zombie cells
illustration for Nature weekly
Biedronka smakuje domem
"Biedronka tastes like home". Six posters for a supermarket chain.
The best illustrations for iMagazine
illustration for iMagazine 2008-2017
Personal project
illustration for In Vivo magazine. July 2017
Some old-school​ stuff. Acrylics on beaverboard.
Polish design icons illustrated
100 Polish industrial design icons illustrated by 25 Polish illustrators
Zwierciadło 05/2017
ZNAK 743, 04/2017. Language of love
cover illustration for ZNAK magazine
"Zmyśl coś" ("Make something up") by Chack Palahniuk.
Polish edition cover for "Zmyśl coś" by Chuck Palagniuk
Big scary news
illustration for "Focus on the Family" magazine, article on the impact of information programs on children
No time for love
Personal project
An Artist
personal work
Duży Format 5/1220, 01/2017
Cover art for a main story about Poles returning from emigration.
Zwierciadło 02/2017
complement in relationship is like stereo music
Zwierciadło 01/2017
"Porozmawiajmy jak kobieta z mężczyzną" (Let's talk like man and woman)
2017/Paweł Jońca - wall calendar
Illustrated wall calendar. Limited edition of 50 copies.
ZNAK 737, 10/2016
Cover illustration for polish magasine "ZNAK" No737, 10/2016. Leading tittle: "Jak postępuje moralność" (progress of morality).
Zwierciadło 10/2016. Desire.
Zwierciadło 08/2016. Inspiration
Illustration for Zwierciadło magazine about inspiration
Zwierciadło 08/2016. Differences
set of illustrations about differences that attract people to live together.
Against all odds
Zwierciadło 07/2016. Your inner animal
illustration for Zwierciadło magazine, 07/2016
Illustration for Hémisphères, the magazine of University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland
Zwierciadło 06/2016
Illustration for Polish magazine "Zwierciadło"
Rise of the robots (Świt robotów)
Cover design for Polish edition od "Rise of the robots" by Martin Ford.
illustration for Polish magazine Wysokie Obcasy Extra, 05/2016
The Guilt. Zwierciadło 05/2016
illustration for Polish magazine Zwierciadło, issue 05/2016
Smart drugs
Illustration for Vivo magazine about smart drugs for students
The Oprah Magazine 04/2016
two illustration for April issue
Zwierciadło 03/2016
thinking about eachother
"Pełnia piękna" (Beautiful You) by Chuck Palahniuk.
"Beautiful you" (pol: Pełnia piękna) by Chuck palahniuk. Polish edition cover.
Zwierciadło 02/2016
"Soul in the cloud"
Hell's Angels - Polish cover
Polish cover for a book by Hunter S. Thompson
A Foreigner's Guide to Polish Surnames
Genesis of polish family names.
Zwierciadło 01/2016 - Body and Soul
first illustration of the series for 2006 about the soul, energy etc.
2016/Paweł Jońca – wall calendar
2016 edition of my calendar
Zwierciadło 11/2015. Bottom.
Mens bottoms.
Młodzi Bogowie
Set of illustrations and typography for a new campaign for Prudential Polska (BBDO Warszawa).
Zwierciadło 10/2015 - The party is over.
Men's issues.
Zwierciadło 10/2015. Good/Bad friend relationship.
Good vs. Bad friend relationship.
New Scientist 10/2015
"When right is wrong"
Wysokie Obcasy Extra 10/2015
Plan your boredom.
Zwierciadło 09/2015. Boobs
Illustration for Polish magazine "Zwierciadło". One of a series about body parts and their psychological meanings: Boobs. Original tittle: "Piersi na widoku".
Zwierciadło 08/2015. Eyes.
Illustration for polish magazine "Zwierciadło" 08/2015 about body parts. Eyes as the mirror of the soul
Zwierciadło 07/2015. Mouth.
illustration for Polish magazine Zwierciadło (07/2015) about human body parts.
Znak 721, 06/2015
cover illustration
Zwierciadło 06/2015. Heart.
illustration for Polish magazine "Zwierciadło" for a series about body parts.
"Przeklęci" (Doomed) by Chuck Palahniuk.
Polish edition book cover design of "Przeklęci" (en: Doomed) by Chuck Palahniuk for Niebieska Studnia.
BPI - mural illustration
Illustration for Warsaw's housing investment by BPI company
DO IT YOUR WAY. Polish Design in Pieces
Poster for an exhibition of Polish design in Milan.
Zwierciadło 05/2015. Hands.
illustration for the Polish magazine Zwierciadło, 05/2015
Zwierciadło 04/2015. Back.
illustration for polish magazine Zwierciadło 04/2015
unpublished illustration
#cosieliczy for ING Bank Śląski
ING Bank Śląski asked people about their dreams and life goals. Top Polsh artists illustrated these visions.
Zwierciadło 01/2015. Body.
Illustration for Zwierciadło magazine 01/2015 about human body.
ZNAK 715, 12/2014
Nie marnuj (eng.: don't waste). Cover illustration for ZNAK magazine, 12/2014 about overproduction.
Zwierciadło 12/2014
illustration for Zwierciadło magazine, 12/2014
Johns Hopkins Health Review, no.1
illustration for the first issue of Johns Hopkins Health Review by Pentagram.
Zwierciadło 11/2014
Illustration for Zwierciadło magazine, 11/2014
2015/Paweł Jońca - wall calendar
The essence of my work, on 12 pages.
Łódź Design Festival – calendar
Design calendar for kids, from 10/2014 to 10/2015
Zwierciadło, 10/2014
illustration for polish magazine Zwierciadło, issue 10/2014
Wysokie Obcasy Extra, 09/2014
Illustration for Wyskie Obcasy Extra 09/2014 about workaholics.
Set of three illustration for Technologist magazine.
Zwierciadło 08/2014
Illustration for Zwierciadło magazine 08/2014.
We came in peace
personal project
Zwierciadło 07/2014. Appearances.
illustration for polish magazine Zwierciadło, 07/2014
Duży Format 1081
illustration for Duży Format (1081) weekly.
Znak 709
Cover illustration for polish magazine "Znak", issue 709, 06/2014. PRACA (work)
personal project
Zwierciadło 06/2014
Illustration for Zwierciadło magazine 06/2014 about dedication.
DATUM mono 02/2014
Set of three illustrations about education for DATUM mono 02/2014
Hello and Goodbye
Illustration for "Zwierciadło" magazine, 04/2014.
Marriage Theory
Illustration for Zwierciadło magazine, 03/2014
Perfect Match
personal project
Kulczyk Silverstein Properties
Christmas gift for Kulczyk Silverstein Properties. Illustration, card and wrapping paper design.
Cable Mergers
illustration for "The Hollywood Reporter" 01/2014 about cable tv mergers in 2014
illustration for Zwierciadło magazine 12/2013 about different life goals. Original tittle: "Dwa rowery".
Real Man
illustration for Zwierciadło magazine, 11/2013 about the need for real men who knows how to fix things.
Your home is where your heart is
The inhabitants of Warsaw, the Polish capital, who came here in search of a better life, are often called "jars" because they travel with supplies of food from the family home.
Personal project
Killing Characters
"Killing Characters" by Glen Mazzara. Illustration for "The Hollywood Reporter".
Going Nowhere
Illustration published in Zwierciadło magazine, 10/2013 Original title: "Kobiety w drodze" (Women on the road).
Mr. Hobby
Zwierciadło, 05/2012
New User
Orginal appearance: Wprost, 02/2013. Reused as a cover for ZNAK Magazine, 12/2013.
Cover illustration for Polish magazine "Znak", No 700
Paper Giants
Empik vs. Amazon. Ilustration for Wprost 38 (2011)
Sticky Fingers
Illustration for Wprost 39/2011 about Poles stealing in stores.
Illustration for Wprost 2/2012 about Lotto winners.
Memory Game
illustration for Zwierciadło magazine, 09/2013
Illustration for Zwierciadło 6/2012 about everegreen mithology.
Zwierciadło 8/2013 special - "50 pages about sex"
Illustration for Polish magazine Zwierciadło 8/2013 about male way of showing affection
Breaking Free
"Breaking Free" books cover projects for Denis Hickey.
This is my personal project, referring to the complexities of our intentions.
An illustration originally created for a typography company. Unreleased.
Father's Day
Illustration about father's love, originaly published in Zwierciadło magazine 05/2013. Original tittle: "Czułość ojca".
Daddy's Pride
Illustration about father's love, Zwierciadło magazine 04/2013
Malemen magazine 35, 03/2013 - "State of United States"
Zwierciadło magazine, 03/2013. Illustration about the differences in sensitivity between men and women.
Zwierciadło 01/2013. Beautiful and Lovely
Illustration for Polish magazine Zwierciadło 01/2013. Original tittle: "Ziarnko grochu czy prochu?"
Natural Red
Set of two illustrations made originally for a book calendar cover for Zwierciadło magazine..
You are late
An illustraion for "Zwierciadło" magazine, originally appeared in 7/2012
Cream Soup
Illustration for Zwierciadło magazine about women sexuality, 11/2012 (1993). Original tittle: "Bogini sprawniona przemocy"
"Lovers" originally appeared in "Zwierciadło" magazine 2/2013
Chuck Palahniuk. Polish covers.
Polish edition covers for Niebieska Studnia
Big Brother
ilustration for Wprost weekly, 02/2012
You can believe or not
Freelancer like you and me
Warsaw as I see it
Dark Side
illustration for Przekroj 52 (01/2011) about live on other planets.
Beautiful Mind
illustration for Przekroj weekly about human genome, genetics, etc. 12/2010. Original tittle: "Wielki wybuch genetyki".
Earth 2.0
Illustration for Przekroj weekly 36 (2010), "Time to search for Earth 2.0"
Ego House
Cover illustration for Architektura magazine, 07/2010. House of the architect.
Social Classes
illustration for Przekrój weekly about social classes, 04/2010
Is anybody here?
my psychological self-portrait
for Newsweek Polska 49 (2009)
Billboard II
ilustration for Media & Marketing Polska
Personal project
The Seed
Personal project
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