Kulczyk Silverstein Properties (KSP) is a privately held, international real estate development, investment and management firm based in Warsaw, Poland.
I was asked by KSP to create a Christmas gift for key clients. The project brief included the creation of illustration printed in a limited edition of 140 high-quality signed giglée prints, design of a special wrapping paper and a Christmas card design, based on the illustration.
illustration for KSP
"Real Estate" was the starting point for this creation. I decided to build a futuristic eco city with natural shapes and colors.
Prints in production, that's only half.
Framed print mockup
Framed print in real.
Christmas card
Christmas card, page 1
Christmas card, page 1
Christmas card, page 4
Christmas card, page 4
Wrapping paper
wrapping paper for KSP
Ready to go.

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