iMagazine (formerly Moje Jabłuszko) is a Polish digital lifestyle magazine which focuses on technology and Apple.

Since it’s birth, I have a page dedicated to my artistic commentary — sometimes in Polish, sometimes in English, but always about current technological events from around the world, usually about Apple.
2018/10 - thing that can be replaced by iPhone Xs Max.
2018/09 - waiting for new iPhones
2018/08 - "Ex Apple service technicians watching a new, unrepairable MacBook Pro model."
2018/07 - "I pay today!". Apple introduces Apple Pay in Poland.
2018/05 - PR is everything
2018/03 - iPad is my new computer and Wacom in one.
2018/02 - HomePod premiere
2018/01. xMas Pro
2017/12. Root access problem
2017/10. "Fake story: Hey SIRI, show my last transactions with Apple PAY from the Apple Store". (None of these exists in Poland).
2017/09. The real price of the iPhone.
2017/06. "The moment, when Jacek Kurski [Polish TV director] had the idea of a new tax for smartphones owners"
2017/05. (At the Hospital) "- Norbert is fine right now. Thank God, the news about launching ApplePAY and SIRI in Poland was fake!"
2017/01. "- Granpa, where are my AirPods?!"
2016/12. Dongles world.
2016/11. Maybe one day, who knows :)
2016/10. "He just found out that iPhone 7 is basically an iPhone 6S with a new name.
2016/09. iPhone 7 has no audio jack.
2016/08. New iPhone name brainstorm
2016/07. "If Poles win EURO2016 I will cut my hair like Pazdan!". (Michał Pazdan, polish football player, is bald).
2016/05. "Apple is over".
2016/04. FBI broke the passcode of the iPhone. As they say.
2016/03. "Listen to me, Tim. You put a bigger battery back in the iPhone 7 and you say it's a revolutionary product"
2016/02. "I'm back motherf***s!" (iPhone SE)
2016/01. "And now, take a look here". Polish president Andrzej Duda and Jarosław Kaczyński as Men in Black.
2015/12. Laptop evolution. *alcohol harms health.
2015/11. The future is now
2015/09. Summer on the beach
2015/08. "I came for iPods!"
2015/07. "100 Apple watches, please"
2015/06. "He realized that he already has everything"
2015/05. "- Honey, buy a bottle of champagne! And some strawberries! And some... onions!"
2015/04. It's about us
2015/03. A famous bridge in Warsaw was destroyed by fire. Apple as a founder of the rebuilt bridge? Don't think so, but maybe it could look like this...
2015/02. You're doing it wrong
2014/12. Election time. What do you vote for?
2014/11. Life hack
2014/10. iOS 8
2014/09. "I had a dream about a new iPhone. It was like a big power bank with a waterproof case, with a tiny phone inside. The phone itself was a plastic HelloKitty Toy. And then, I woke up!"
2014/08. My first Power Mac with Apple Studio Display 21" weighed a tonne. Or more.
2014/06. Bigger iPhones
2014/05. "Riot on streets continues after Apple decided to delay the new iPhone launch".
2014/04. Mobile design before and after Jiny Ive.
2014/03. Facebook trying to take over the internet.
2014/02. Office Wars.
2014/01. Steve and Nelson together in the clouds.
2013/12. Back to life after Christmas.
2013/11. iPad (H)air.
2013-10. iPhone 5S.
2013/09. Steve Balmer leaving Microsoft. Finally.
2013/07. Browsing babe's pictures on Google Glass.
- how about that one?
- yeah...
2013/05. iOS and Android phones make fun of XBOX shutting down command.
2013/02. Streaming is the new mp3
2012/10. We still don't have a single Apple Store in Poland! Shame on you, Apple!
2012-09. iPhone4-to-iPhone5 upgrade kit.
2012/04. "You certainly wonder how the Apple's $100 billion in cash look like? Here it is!".
2012/02. "We love privacy (anonymity) too!".
2012/01. This app didn't work.
2011/10. iTunes launch in Poland.
- Granpa, who's that?
- it's a first man who bought a song in the Polish iTunes Store.
2011/09. Steve vs. Tim.
2011/05. You can choose every color of the iPod provided as long it is white.
2011/04. Mac OS Lion.
- Sir, someone coming to the door.
- Turn Guest mode ON.
2011/02. iCar.
2011/01. What enters to the App Store, stays in the App Store.
2010/11. Microsoft Tran 2011 (Tran = cod-liver oil).
2010/09. "Hey, very funny! C'mon, let me in..." (iPod shuffle without buttons becomes obsolete).
2010/08. "Believe me, I almost completely lost my signal range for her!".
2010/06. WiFi problems during the keynote. Someone had a job.
2010/04. "iPad" in Polish sounds almost like "i padł = ....and he's done". 
2010/03. March 8th – International Women Day. Wish different.
2010/02. Bye-bye Flash!.
2009/12. Tools in education have changed.
1009/11. The future of the iMac.
2009/10. New iMac with a printer built-in.
2009/09. "Poor man, his boss gave him Zune HD for his anniversary".
2009/08. World without wires.
2009/06. We all wanted Steve to be back healthy...
2009/05. iSight everywhere.
2009/04. Mac mini.
2009/03. There's an app for that.
2009-02. Steve was a magician.
2008/12. Christmas time.
2008/11. Power Macs playing a card game.
2008/10. iWork.
2008/08. "The President declares August 22th as a national day". (iPhone 3G launch in Poland).
2008/07. The first illustration for iMagazine (Moje Jabłuszko). The first Macintosh in the days of the Internet.

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