I was asked to create a _big_ illustration for one of Warsaw's housing investment by BPI company. It's going to be printed on special, 2m high fence around the site.
The brief was about youth and ease of comunication with the city.
Here's how it all ended.
first sketch
That's what was presented to the client.
You can see 3 areas of the sketch: DOM (house), RELAX and MIASTO (city). The idea was to show the connection between the living area and the city. A running dude is a must, because I'm a runner, you know... He's half a runner, half a businessman, like Clark Kent during the transformation.
Man from the window has a cat and woman has a dog, but I decided to flip that later. They can meet while walking with their pets...
I started to draw color shapes. I usually use that technique. Shapes first, textures after. I can find the good balance in the composition. Ex: the building on the right was changed to follow the geometry of windows on the left. I like to find the harmony, some kind of link between objects.

Looks like Google stuff.
There I decided to remove all unnacesary elements and the runner (what!?), and focus on the composition geometry.
I have removed the dog and the cat, created a city of blue shapes on the right, so the original idea was lost.
What was I thinking?

My client said "What the f... is this?! We loved the original sketched idea, where is it?"
So I threw everything and went back a couple of steps back.
Many hours of moving, changing, and deleting later...
the final version

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